The Multidimensional Significance of Paradise Valley

Written by Natasha Harrison (Executive Director)

Paradise Valley is a 2 sq. mile area located in Middletown, RI. The valley has held a special place in the hearts of locals and visitors for centuries. It is the home of some of the most beautiful scenic landscape and seashore in New England, and there is significant habitat and ecological value as well as a rich and complex history. Continue reading


Seven Reasons to Make Harvest Fair Part of Your Weekend Plans  

Number Seven: You’ll Stay Dry

Rest assured: 22,000 square feet of tents will keep you dry and comfortable. But the latest storm is taking its time heading north, so come out and enjoy a mostly dry weekend before it gets messy next week. Even if mother nature sends some rain our way, you’ll find lots of fun fair action under a nice dry tent. Continue reading

Say Hello to the Good Gardens

Written By Rachel Holbert (Director of Education)

There is a spot amongst the 325 acres of Norman Bird Sanctuary that attracts visitors like the bees to bright flowers.  This spot does actually boast bees and other pollinators, as well as native and cultivated flowers.  This place is known as the Good Gardens, and it has a few secrets to share. Continue reading

Butterfly-ing into Summer

Written by Mark Pagliarini (Lead Teacher/Naturalist)

As we progress further into our summer, the bird activity, as well as the diversity of species present, comes to a lull. As a Birder, this tends to be the time of the year for a short break from all the bird searching. As a Naturalist, this is the time of year to switch focus to other winged wildlife – butterflies! Continue reading

Sorry, no dogs allowed!

Written by Mark Pagliarini (Lead Teacher Naturalist)

Hey all!!

Normally as an environmental educator I would address our wild, native animal species, but let’s switch pace a little bit and talk about domestic animals for a second. All of us here at Norman Bird Sanctuary, love our animal companions; I myself have a Border Collie named Rouka. We understand and promote the joy and companionship that these captive animals can bring! This being said, we have noticed a great increase in the frequency of people seen with dogs, as well as, signs and tracks of dogs on the trails. As a great deal of you know, the bird sanctuary does not allow dogs, on or off leash, or any other domestic animal species on the property. We understand this is upsetting to some people, but it is more upsetting for the property and its wild and native inhabitants. Continue reading

The feathers, the feet, and the food that they eat

Written by Matt Schenck (Education Assistant)

How do birds stay warm in winter?

One of my favorite things to do on cold winter days is to grab a cup of coffee and spend some time watching the feeder from the warmth of my office. With this week’s cold front bringing temperatures into the single digits it seems like a great opportunity to write about how birds manage to stay warm out there in our forests, thickets, and backyards all winter long. Continue reading